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At Skyline, Not Only Do We provide you with the right and suitable equipment

We also satisfy you with special medical services that have your whole medical career covered!
Step 1- Start your clinic now

We’re specialised in medical construction, we’ve got your clinic wholly covered!

Clinical Interior Design

Remodel & Recreate a new functional design for your clinic with our specialised team.

Medical Equipment Pre-installation

We use very beneficial & accurate procedures when installing your new medical equipment.

Clinical Infrastructure Construction

Not any construction, it is the type of construction that utilises proficiency & safety at the same time in creating the perfect clinic for you!

Turnkey Clinical Property

Our turnkey procedures cover your medical project from design to build & beyond!

Step 2- Get Your Approval Easily

We help you get your approvals from regulatory compliance

for DHA/HAAD/MOH/, FANR, etc. for your drawings, x-rays and medical equipment
Step 3 - Shop for Your Clinic Medical Equipment

Shop for Your Clinic Medical Equipment

Buy your dental & derma equipment of high quality and diverse brands! We present a wide range of qualified medical devices for qualified clinics.
Step 4 - Technical Services
When it comes to the refined career of medicine, ensuring continuity is all that matters to us. We check on, maintain & guide your clinic.

Specialized in the maintenance of dental and cosmetic devices

We take care of all your preventive maintenance matters because prevention is better than cure and essential to us.
Because proficiency comes first, we guarantee your rights to be preserved by giving the service contract measures to ensure a safe & pragmatic dealings.
Keep your dental handpieces running with the regular maintenance we give you. Our expert team handles the continuity of your dentistry career and workspace.
Step 5- Digital Marketing

business revenue could explode by crafting a successful campaign

Thus, with the guide of our medical digital marketing services, gain more recurrent patients & expand your professional reputation!


Because the medical industry is extremely competitive, and many patients are gained by simply being more visible online, make your brand more famous online with our branding service.

Social Media Marketing

Our experienced social media managers will create your content, target communities by interests or demographics, & manage your organisation reputation as well.

Website Development

Through content creation & SEO services, we are able to develop and set up websites and blogs that can enhance your presence on the web and increase conversion

Check Skyline's Medical Trade

Check our store for medical trade by paying a visit to our diversified shop & check all the medical equipment that we supply.

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