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Fast Sintering Furnace

The AIDITE AGT-L & AGT-S Fast dental Sintering Furnace is a high-performance, high-quality zirconia sintering

cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanner

Cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanner from AIDITE. It allows users to easily acquire vivid digital

cameo CFP-100 porcelain furance

Aidite Cameo CFP-100 porcelain furance high-tech intelligent new generation furnace for firing ceramics with a

CAD&CAM milling bur

CAD&CAM milling bur from AIDITE with more than five axis and advanced technology. The product

ASDS-MIX – scanner

AIDITE ASDS-MIX specializes dental 3D scanning and accurately capture every detail. ASDS-MIX is a high-end

AMW-400 Dental milling machine

AMW-400 wet Dental milling machine from AIDITE is equipped with four-axis, which mainly used for

AMD-500DC Dental milling machine

AIDITE AMD-500DC dry machine with five-axis, used for CAD/CAM digital milling of zirconia, resin and

AMD-500 Digital Dental milling machine

AIDITE AMD-500 Digital Dental milling machine is a dry milling equipment with five-axis, mainly used

Aidite A-IS Pro Digital Scanner

AIDITE A-IS PRO Digital Scanner-Dental lab from AIDITE Specializes In Dental 3d Scanning: - One-click

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