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SURGmatic™ Dental Handpiece S11 L

1:1 Straight Handpiece for Surgery and Implantology KaVo SURGmatic instruments offer good speed and torque: from

SONICflex Scaler Tips- Dental handpiece

A variety of tips for tenacious calculus removal, Clean shallow pockets tips for effective and

SONICflex™ 2003 Dental handpiece

  Hygiene Efficient Air Scaler KaVo SONICflex is certainly the dental instrument with a very

MASTERtorque™ M9000 L Dental handpiece

Dental Turbine with Direct Stop Technology (DST) Dental Turbine with rapid stop – for safety.

MASTERmatic LUX M20 L Dental handpiece

Experience fast and precise working with the EXPERTmatic™ attachments thanks to a smaller head size,

INTRA head L68 For dental handpiece

KaVo INTRA Head - The only configurable contra-angle handpieces composed of INTRA head and MASTERmatic

INTRA head L67 for dental handpiece

Reduction ratio 2:1 For contra-angle burs With pushbutton tensioning, debris deflector disc and reinforced chuck

EXPERTmatic™ E20L dental handpiece

The EXPERTmatic E20L is a 1:1 transmission attachment with a dent resistent steel head and

EXPERTmatic™ E10C Dental handpiece

Low-Speed, Straight Handpiece The EXPERTmatic™ E10C is a 1:1 transmission straight handpiece with EXPERTgrip™ for better

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