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Compatible with DENSIM ® Vienna Monaco LUX

Statis ML101.1 Radial: S130C (F:136RX R:136RX) O-ring: 2x 0710 Washer: F: 1x OW120 Washer: R:

Compatible With DENSIM ® Montreal S LUX

Montreal S LUX Radial: L160C (F:135RX R:135RX) Original DSTC2042 O-ring: 2x 0710

Compatible With DENSIM ® Montreal LUX

Montreal LUX Radial: L150C (F:105RX R:115RX) / Angular: L150X (F:105X R:115X) Original DSTC2041 O-ring: 2x 0710

Compatible With DENSIM ® Monaco S LUX

Monaco S LUX Radial: L140C (F:135RX R:116RX) Original DSTC2035 O-ring: 2x 0710 Washer: 2x OW140  

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