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Compatible with FORA ® 8080 SR

8080 SR Radial: R120C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: R120X (F:105X R:105X) O-ring: 2x O900

Compatible with FONA ® 8060 SR

8060 SR Radial: R110C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: P110X (F:105X R:105X) O-ring: 2x O900

Compatible With FARO ® Trilogy plus

Trilogy plus Radial: J130C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: J130X (F:105X R:105X)

Compatible With FARO ® Trilogy Head

Trilogy Head Radial: J120C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: J120X (F:105X R:105X)

Compatible With FARO ® Trilogy

Trilogy Radial: J110C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: J110X (F:105X R:105X)

compatible with FARO ® S-400

S-400 Radial: J100C (F:115RX R:115RX) / Angular: J100X (F:115X R:115X) Backcap: J300 Key: B830

Compatible With FARO ® MT02 L

MT02 L Radial: J140C (F:105RX R:105RX) / Angular: J140X (F:105X R:105X)

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