Refurbished- Digirex Digital Sensor

Refurbished Digirex Digital Sensor

The DIGIREX® digital sensor system was inspired by the latest technology in product design, production, and manufacturing. It delivers a groundbreaking value in digital dental radiography. Apixia’s reinvention of digital imaging begins with an industry-leading sensor design offering high image resolution, smooth and rounded sensor corners, and durable cable design. Connect to the computer directly, simple and straightforward.

Size 1 : 38.2 x 28.2 x 6.3 mm

Warranty Available

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The DIGIREX® digital sensor system offers high image resolution that allows for clear viewing of the teeth, bones and soft tissue. It helps veterinarians analyze radiographic quickly and easily establish a treatment plan. The dental radiographs allow the assessment of fractured teeth, retained deciduous teeth, periodontal disease, fistulas, tumors, joints of the bone and subgingival problems.

Images appear within seconds to be annotated, emailed, and stored, along with a wide variety of other included convenient features.

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Apixia VET imaging software is included at no additional charge with the sensor and is specially designed for veterinarians. Simplicity, ease of use, intuitive design and diagnostic imaging tools all help to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Packed with value, the Apixia VET software includes unlimited user licenses to install on as many as computers as you wish and free lifetime software technical support and software upgrades.

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