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Skyline Medical is a healthcare company based in Dubai, UAE. We provide the best medical equipment to hospitals and clinics all over the UAE and MENA Region.
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We offer high quality, affordable dental equipment and machines to suit your needs. With our wide range of products, and services you can find all kinds of solutions for different needs.


We offer a wide range of aesthetic derma machines and equipment to fit everyone’s needs. From laser hair removal, to facial, slimming, to Q-switch laser (Nd-YAG, YAG, Diode).


Whether you’re a practicing physician or a hospital equipment supplier, we have the perfect medical equipment for you. Browse through our wide range of products and solutions for your medical needs.

Services You Can Rely On


Our certified technicians and engineers are trained to work on all types of medical equipment from CT scanners to respirators. We’ll make sure your device is always in top shape so you can provide the best care for your patients.


Skyline  Medical provides the perfect solution for you and your practice. You don’t need to spend days browsing through various catalogs – find everything you need with just a few clicks at skyline medical.


We understand that the quality of health care depends on the quality of the equipment used. That’s why we offer preventive maintenance for medical equipment to maintain its effectiveness while also keeping it in good condition.


We help you get your approvals from regulatory compliance for DHA/HAAD/MOH, FANR, etc. for your drawings, x-rays and medical equipment. we are specialized in getting approvals for your clinic


We are your one stop solution for all your clinic renovation needs. From reception to treatment rooms, xray rooms to waiting areas, Our team of architects are specialists in design trends, ensuring that all designs are cutting edge yet timeless. 


We are a team of digital marketing experts specializing in medical digital marketing. Our goal is to provide your clinic with a personalized, targeted strategy that gets you more patients while keeping your budget in check.

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Dr Ahmed Abd El Mosawer
Dr Ahmed Abd El Mosawer
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Am with Skyline since 2 months and I can assure they made dramatic change in my marketing strategy. Thanks to Fouad for his effort, ideas and dedication that help me growing my digital marketing plan. Still we are at the beginning but am totally satisfied so far
Dr. Ibrahim Najar
Dr. Ibrahim Najar
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Great professionals , on time when you need them, big thanks eng Osama & eng Mahmoud
Dr Solis Curiel
Dr Solis Curiel
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Exceptional customer service! Love the place and the quality of their service💖
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All-inclusive Super Cellulite

The unique super multiple slimming platforms in China integrated Cryolipolysis, Cavitation, RF(Radio Frequency) and Lipolaser four technology together. It could provide all of kinds slimming solutions for different demands. Cryolipolysis It uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. Eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, and noticeable, so you'll look great from every angle. Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling (Cryolipolysis) to target and kill only these fat cells. In the weeks to follow, these fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Treated fat cells, once eliminated from the body, are gone for good. Lipo laser Lipo laser machine emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol

All-inclusive Revolutionary Slimming

The unique super multiple slimming platforms in China integrated cryo, cavi, rf and lipolysis four technology together. Every technology inside has separated systems. Buy one means getting 4 machines. It has two cryo handpieces, one cavitation tip, two rf heads (tripolar and Multi-polar ), and 4 big and 2 small lipolysis pads. Mitsubishi diode lipo laser, the energy up to 200mw, big pads size with dual-wavelength. Per cryolipolysis handpiece-4 dual-layer cooling chip, ensuring the cooling temperature to -18 degree, at least 4 times life-span longer than similar products in the market. External detachable filter and intuitive self-cleaning system are very convenient for maintenance, no need to open the shell for cleaning. Application Body contouring, Cellulite reduction, Circumference reduction, wrinkles eliminating, pores shrinking, skin tightening, acne removal. Any one who wants to have a slimmer and fresher look. Procedures No-invasive / Quick / No pain / No downtime Immediate results could

980nm Spider Vein

Mainly for vascular therapy1) . EVLT (Endovenous Veins Laser Treatment) 2) . Vascular lesion therapy 3) . Spider Veins/face veins Remove red blood: all kinds of telangiectasia, etc We're here to help : Easy ways to get the answers you need.

980nm diode laser

1. EVLT (Endovenous veins laser treatment) 2. Vascular lesion therapy 3. Spider veins/face veins 4. Remove red blood vessels: all kinds of telangiectasia,cherry haemangioma etc. Introduction Model: V980 Application EVLT (Endovenous veins laser treatment) Vascular lesion therapy Spider veins/face veins Remove red blood vessels: all kinds of telangiectasia,cherry haemangioma etc.   Work Theory   980nm laser is the optimum absorption spectrum of Porphyrin vascular cells. Vascular cells absorb the high-energy laser of 980nm wavelength, solidification occurs, and finally dissipated. To overcome the traditional laser treatment redness large area of burning the skin, professional design hand-piece, enabling the 980nm laser beam is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, in order to enable more focused energy to reach the target tissue, while avoiding burn the surrounding skin tissue. Laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that the small blood vessels are no longer

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