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Apollo 23 Dental Autoclave

SKU: LD0001

Quality, affordability, and warranty: The perfect combination.

Main Features:

  • Remote management and data recording for sterilisation.
  • German Vacuum Pump Autoclave with built-in printer.
  • Double door lock safety settings.
  • Improved cooling system.
  • Standard Apollo 23B with 5 trays.
  • Chamber size: 23L.

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Sterilization of dental autoclaves is crucial for both safety and infection control. Let’s talk about the advantages of dental autoclave sterilization and its importance in the dental industry in this article.

Maintaining a dental autoclave is essential to the cleanliness and safety of dental procedures. It eliminates dangerous microorganisms including spores, viruses, bacteria, and fungus using steam.

It sanitizes surgical instruments, forceps, and handpieces used in dentistry. Even tiny spaces can be reached by the steam.


Chamber size: 23L.