Apollo 23 Dental Autoclave

Sterilization of dental autoclaves is crucial for both safety and infection control. Let’s talk about the advantages of dental autoclave sterilization and its importance in the dental industry in this article.

Maintaining a dental autoclave is essential to the cleanliness and safety of dental procedures. It eliminates dangerous microorganisms including spores, viruses, bacteria, and fungus using steam.

It sanitizes surgical instruments, forceps, and handpieces used in dentistry. Even tiny spaces can be reached by the steam.


  • Affordable size and consistent durability.
  • Remote management and data recording for sterilisation.
  • German Vacuum Pump Autoclave with built-in printer.
  • Double door lock safety settings.
  • Improved cooling system.
  • Standard Apollo 23B with 5 trays.
  • Buy the most effective dental autoclave in Dubai.
  • 2300 watts of power.
  • Voltage range: 220V-230V, Frequency: 50/60Hz.
  • External dimensions: 692 X 451 X 455mm, Chamber size: 23L.

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Product Overview:

The LifeDent Apollo 23 is a modern Dental Autoclave designed to efficiently sterilise dental equipment and tools. Notable features include five sterilisation programs for various tools (cotton, metal, and plastic), affordability with constant durability, remote management, and sterilisation data recording. The German Vacuum Pump Autoclave, built in printer, double door lock safety settings, and a faster cooling system enhance overall efficiency. The Apollo 23B variant comes standard with five trays, making it an ideal choice for dental sterilisation needs in Dubai.


Technical Features:

  • Power: 2300W
  • Voltage: 220V 230V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Chamber size: 23L
  • External dimension: 692 X 451X455mm

Key Features:

  • Versatile Sterilisation Programs
  • Affordability with Constant Durability
  • Remote Management and Data Recording
  • German Vacuum Pump Autoclave
  • Enhanced Safety with Double Door Lock
  • Faster Cooling System
  • Standard 5 Tray Configuration for Apollo 23B


Dental steam steriliser Apollo 23

Apollo 23 Dental Autoclave

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