C-SAILOR PRO+Dental implantation systems

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Skyline Medical is thrilled to present the innovative C-Sailor Pro+ Dental Implantation System, a device that combines implant mode and surgery mode into one comprehensive solution.

Designed to meet the specific needs of dental professionals, this advanced system offers a range of features and capabilities that make dental implant procedures more efficient and precise than ever before.

The C-Sailor Pro+ Dental Implantation System boasts a unique 2-in-1 implant mode and surgery mode, providing versatility and flexibility for various implantation procedures.

With this system, dental professionals can seamlessly transition between modes, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time during implant surgeries

C – Sailor Pro + Dental Implantation System in UAE 

  • implant mode & surgery mode 2 in 1.
  • Unique emergency restriction mode.
  • Implant torque DATA-STORE, Convenient recording of implantation cases for each patient.
  • With LED Light.
  • Wireless Pedal.

Check the Technical features:

  • Maximum power: 120VA
  • Power supply: AC 110V 60Hz/230V 50Hz
  • Motor speed: 300r/min~40000r/min
  • Maxima torque (20:1): 70N.cm
  • Water supply volume: 5 level adjustable
  • Light source illumination: 30000 lux
  • Input Voltage: d.c.30V
  • Volume(cm): 28×25×12
  • Weight(kg): 3.4

Upgrade your dental implant procedures with the C-Sailor Pro+ Dental Implantation System

Contact Skyline Medical and experience the next level of precision and efficiency in dental implantology.

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