KAVO SONICflex Scaler Tips

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Introducing KAVO SONICflex Scaler Tips – Dental Handpiece, your ultimate solution for efficient calculus removal and oral hygiene. Our wide range of tips caters to various needs, ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning.A variety of tips for tenacious calculus removal, Clean shallow pockets tips for effective and gentle calculus removal, hygiene. 

Why should you choose KAVO SONICflex Scaler ? 

  • Scaler Tip No. 6: Designed specifically for pediatric use and challenging-to-reach areas, this tip provides optimal access and precision. We have 2 of these tips available to meet your requirements.
  • Available quantity: 2
  • Scaler Tip No. 11: With 1 tip in stock, this specialized tool is perfect for tackling stubborn calculus deposits effectively. Experience its superior performance and achieve exceptional oral hygiene.
  • Available quantity: 1

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