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Product Overview:

The SK1-08 dental chair stands out for its sturdy construction, incorporating advanced production technologies and an appealing design to meet the highest standards. It priorities optimum patient comfort during extended procedures and ensures effortless accessibility for both the doctor and assistant across all work positions.


Product Dimensions:



Key Features:

  • Sturdy construction for increased longevity.
  • Operates on low voltage (12/24V) for enhanced safety measures.
  • Facilitates prolonged procedures with a focus on maximum patient comfort.
  • Effortless accessibility for both the doctor and assistant in various work positions.
  • A diverse array of upholstery colours to choose from.
  • Upholstered with high-quality Ferrari Stamskin leather, meeting cytotoxicity standards and boasting virucidal and antibacterial properties.


Construction and Materials:

  • crafted with a robust design, incorporating advanced production techniques. Its upholstery features high-quality Ferrari Stamskin leather, ensuring durability and compliance with cytotoxicity standards. Additionally, the material exhibits virucidal and antibacterial properties, contributing to a hygienic clinical environment.


The dentist chair
is made of a stronger material and will meet even the highest standards because of its sophisticated design and utilization of cutting-edge production methods.
Additionally, the low voltage (12/24V) that is exclusively used inside the chair for all motors and actuators without compromising performance is a favorite feature among our clients.

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