Dental handpiece 120 LB-contra angle

Dental handpiece 120 LB-contra angle from CHIRANA

Are you ready for precision dentistry? Discover the CHIRANA Dental Handpiece 120 LB-Contra Angle – a sleek design, 1:1 ratio, optic fiber, optimal cooling, bright lighting, and versatile compatibility with Ø 2.35 shank burs. Plus, easy AUTOCLAVE sterilization at 135°C for a hygienic experience.

  • contra-angle handpiece with 1:1 ratio , Optic fiber
  • clear design, ergonomic and durable body .
  • 4 spray for optimal cooling .
  • durable cellular glass rod for brightness lighting .
  • for burs with Ø 2,35 shank
  • Sterilization: AUTOCLAVE 135°C

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The Dental Handpiece 120 LB-Contra Angle from CHIRANA offers advanced features for efficient dental procedures:

  1. 1:1 Ratio and Optic Fiber: Precision is guaranteed with the 1:1 ratio, and optic fiber technology enhances visibility.
  2. Clear Design: The transparent design not only looks sleek but also allows for easy monitoring of internal components.
  3. Ergonomic and Durable Body: Designed for comfort during prolonged use, the handpiece’s durable body ensures long-lasting performance.
  4. Optimal Cooling: With 4 spray nozzles, the handpiece provides effective cooling during procedures, maintaining a comfortable working temperature.
  5. Bright Lighting: The durable cellular glass rod ensures bright lighting, illuminating the work area for enhanced precision.
  6. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for burs with Ø 2.35 shank, offering versatility in various dental applications.
  7. Autoclave Sterilization: Easy sterilization at 135°C ensures a hygienic and safe instrument for repeated use.




Dental handpiece 120 LB-contra angle

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