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Chirana Smile Mini 04 Dental Chair

Product Overview:

The dentist’s table is available in versions with 4 or 5 instruments and is mounted on a pantographic arm. The delivery system of hoses can be either lower or continental, with options for hanging hoses or whip’s arms. The dental unit can be controlled using a multifunctional foil keyboard.

Product Dimensions:


Key Features:

  • Available in versions with 4 or 5 instruments.
  • Mounted on a pantographic arm with options for lower or continental hose delivery systems.
  • Control of the dental unit is possible using a multifunctional foil keyboard.

Construction and Materials:

  • The chair is designed to prioritise hygiene and stability.
  • Upholstered in high-quality Ferrari Stamskin material, meeting stringent standards for cytotoxicity and featuring virucidal and antibacterial properties.


The dentist’s table is part of the CHIRANA brand.

Essential, Unique Functions:

  • Standard functions include power setting, speed setting, setting the direction of tool rotation, and chair control.
  • Safety functions include the STOP function for immediate chair stop and low-voltage power supply.
  • Useful functions like GIROMATIC and LED ready electronics are included.

Additional Equipment:

  • Assistant’s table for 2 instruments (saliva ejector, suction).
  • Spittoon block with a rotating ceramic bowl, clean water system, and wet or dry suction options.
  • Column of arms with various selections for lights and the possibility of an arm for a monitor or tray table.
  • Foot control options ranging from simple to multifunction for unit and chair control.

offers dependable performance at a fair cost. This new model, which comes with a doctor’s table that can hold four or five tools, is the most cost-effective dental unit in our lineup.

SMILE Mini04 is often provided in white, with a chair that matches the customer’s choice of color.

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