Electrosurgery ES-20

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ES-20 Electrosurgery Unit Dental Electrosurgery Dentistry System High Frequency Electric Knife Oral Surgery Orthodontics Period.

This device is used for fast and accurate section coagulation of soft tissue and is used in medical institutions.

1. Safe/professional/effective/convenient
2. Coagulation section can be adjusted freely
3. Seven pieces high performance hyperfine electrodes
4. Reliable and compact unit
5. Excellent therapeutic control
6. The whole set of electrode holder is light and autoclavable
7 Innovative conductive wristband (neutral electrode) 8. 30 watts is enough for more

Electrosurgery provides numerous benefits including but not limited to:

  • Minimizes bleeding at the application.
  • Allows for greater precision with cutting and coagulation settings.
  • Offers a relatively fast method for tissue resection or ablation.

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