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  • 1:5 speed increase Rotation speed: around 200,000 rpm
  • Push Button Water Spray Chuck Structure: V Form
  • Light Concentration: Greater Concentration
  • Yes (reduces the likelihood of dirt entering) sanitary hole
  • Waterproof Design: Improved Shaft Structure has been improved.

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Product Overview:

The COXO Speed Increase Contra Angle, specifically the C7-5 model, combines advanced features for optimal dental performance. With a V-shaped water spray structure, concentrated light, and an improved shaft structure, it ensures precision and efficiency. The addition of a sanitary hole reduces the risk of dirt entering, contributing to a better waterproof structure. Operating at a 1:5 speed increase and a rotation speed of about 200,000 rpm, this contra angle with a push-button chuck type is designed to enhance the dental experience for practitioners.


Technical Features:

  • Speed Increase: 1:5
  • Rotation Speed: About 200,000 rpm
  • Chuck Type: Push Button


Key Features:

  • Water Spray Structure: V Shape
  • Light Concentration: More Concentrated
  • Sanitary Hole: Yes (Reduces the risk of dirt entering)
  • Waterproof Structure: Better
  • Shaft Structure: Improved


Product Dimensions:

Standard Head

Brand Coxo