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Product Overview:

The Chirana Dentistry Unit – Cheese L introduces a new concept for the dental workplace, emphasising a high hygienic standard and stability. It features a 5-instruments dentist’s table with an option for a 6-instruments table for more demanding clients. The unit maintains a slim, attractive design while ensuring robustness and stability.


Product Dimensions:



Key Features:

  • Represents a new concept for dental workplaces, emphasising a high hygienic standard and stability.
  • Offers a 5-instruments dentist’s table, with an option for a 6-instruments table for demanding clients.
  • Can be equipped with a modern touch control with various useful functions and options for setting tools.
  • Features a slim and attractive design while maintaining overall robustness and stability.


Construction and Materials:

  • The chair is designed to prioritise hygiene and stability.
  • Upholstered in high-quality Ferrari Stamskin material, meeting stringent standards for cytotoxicity and featuring virucidal and antibacterial properties.




The brand-new CHIRANA CHEESE ‘L’ift dental chair

A dentist’s table with five tools embodies the most recent dental office idea, which is distinguished by stability and a high quality of hygiene. The CHEESE L unit may also be purchased with a 6-intruments dentist’s table for the pickiest of clientele.

A contemporary touch control with several practical features and settings for both the dental unit and the instruments can be added to the CHEESE L dental unit.

While retaining the general solidity and robustness of the dental unit, the CHEESE L boasts a sleek and appealing look. A slimline chair (SK1-01) or a comfortable dental chair (SK1-08) can be used to complete this dental equipment.


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