coxo HIGH SPEED HANDPIECE with light

SKU: CO17019

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  • Speed of rotation: 300,000 rpm
  • 70 decibels of noise
  • Back End HP Air Pressure: 4-hole: 0.25-0.28 MPA
  • 0.20-0.22 MPA for two holes
  • Spray Method: 3 Way
  • 3 sprays of air
  • LED Chuck is the light source. Push Button Activation

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Product Overview:
The Coxo High-Speed Handpiece with Light is a cutting-edge dental tool designed for precision and efficiency. Featuring a push-button chuck type and 3-way air spray, this handpiece ensures ease of use and optimal visibility during procedures with its integrated LED light.

Technical Features:
Rotation Speed: ≥300,000 rpm
Noise Level: ≤70 dB
Air Pressure at the Back End of HP:
4-hole: 0.25-0.28 MPA
2-hole: 0.20-0.22 MPA

Key Features:
Spray Type: 3 Way
Air Spray: 3
Light Source: LED
Chuck Activation: Push Button

Product Dimensions:
Standard head