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Product Overview:

The Chirana Patient Chair – Cheese Universal equipped for 5 instruments, offering universal manipulation for both left and right-handed use. It includes a pantographic arm with a lower delivery system for hoses. The control panel features a multifunctional foil keyboard, providing various standard, safety, and useful functions.


Product Dimensions:



Key Features:

  • Dentist’s table for 5 instruments with universal manipulation.
  • Pantographic arm with lower hose delivery system.
  • Multifunctional foil keyboard on the control panel.
  • Standard functions include power and speed setting, instrument light control, spray setting, chip-blower function, and more.
  • Safety functions include immediate chair stop, blocking simultaneous activation of instruments, and low-voltage power supply.
  • Useful functions like slow speed control of the micromotor, separate parameter settings for each instrument, GIROMATIC function, automatic chip-blowing, and LED ready electronics.
  • Optional assistant’s table with 2 swivel arms for instrument hoses.


Construction and Materials:

  • Upholstered in high-quality Ferrari Stamskin material, meeting stringent standards for cytotoxicity and featuring virucidal and antibacterial properties. 



The dental unit is part of the CHIRANA brand.Dentist’s bench with five tools
allows both left- and right-handed handling on a global scale, using a pantographic arm and hoses as a lower delivery mechanism

Panel of controls:
foil keyboard with several functions

Typical operations:
power and speed settings, spray and chip-blower functions, lamp on/off, chair control, cup filling and bowl rinsing time programming, and instrument light on/off

Safety features:
The STOP feature allows the chair to stop instantly, prevents the instruments from activating simultaneously, stops the chair from moving while the instruments are operating, and uses a low-voltage power source for both the chair and the entire unit.

Practical features:
Micromotor slow speed control (from 60 to 40000 rpm), individual instrument parameter setting, GIROMATIC feature, automated chip-blowing, and LED-ready electronics



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