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Product Overview:

The Chirana Treatment Chair- SK1-01 is known for its high quality, reliability, and slim practical design, optimising space in the dental office. It operates under the CHIRANA electric standard of low voltage (12/24V), maintaining power and performance across all actuator motors.


Product Dimensions:



Key Features:

  • High-quality and reliable dental chair with a slim and practical design.
  • Operates on CHIRANA electric standard of low voltage (12/24V) for all actuator motors.
  • Emphasis on patient comfort and easy accessibility for the doctor and assistant in all working positions.
  • Wide selection of colours for upholstery.
  • Utilises Ferrari Stamskin upholstery, meeting high-quality standards and cytotoxicity, with virucidal and antibacterial features.


Construction and Materials:

  • The chair is constructed with a focus on space-saving design.
  • Upholstered in high-quality Ferrari Stamskin material, meeting stringent standards for cytotoxicity and featuring virucidal and antibacterial properties.


The dental chair
is distinguished not only by its excellent quality and dependability but also by its compact and useful design, which considerably reduces the amount of space needed in the dentist office. Customers also prefer the CHIRANA electric standard, which uses low voltage (12/24V) within dental chairs and maintains all actuator motors’ power and functionality.

The primary focus of the SK1-01 chair is patient comfort and simple accessibility for the physician and assistant in all working positions. We utilize the best Ferrari Stamskin upholstery, which is not only highly-quality but also virucidal and antibacterial properties, and fulfills cytotoxicity criteria. A large range of colors is available for the upholstery.

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