INTRA head L67 for dental handpiece

SKU: KV0003

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KaVo‘s INTRA head L67 for dental handpiece

  • Reduction ratio 2:1
  • For contra-angle burs
  • With pushbutton tensioning, debris deflector disc and reinforced chuck system
  • Increased low-down pull compared to L68
  • Removal of carious material; preparation of the cavity floor
  • Max. operating speed 20,000 RPM

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INTRA Head L67 for Dental Handpiece, a precision tool designed for optimal performance. Here are additional details and features:

1- Enhanced Precision: With a reduction ratio of 2:1, this head ensures precise contra-angle bur control, making it ideal for various dental applications.

2-Advanced Tensioning: Equipped with a pushbutton tensioning system, facilitating easy and efficient bur changes for seamless workflow.

3- Debris Deflector Disc: The inclusion of a debris deflector disc enhances safety by preventing debris accumulation, ensuring a clean and efficient working environment.

4- Reinforced Chuck System: The reinforced chuck system adds durability and stability, providing reliable performance throughout various dental procedures.

5- Increased Low-Down Pull: Offering improved low-down pull compared to the L68 model, the INTRA Head L67 is particularly effective in tasks such as carious material removal and cavity floor preparation.

6- Versatile Application: Tailored for contra-angle burs, this head is versatile, making it suitable for a range of dental procedures, including precision work such as caries removal and cavity preparation.

7- Optimal Speed: With a maximum operating speed of 20,000 RPM, this head ensures efficient and controlled performance for a variety of dental applications.