KaVo CORONAflex 2005 Best crown remover

Quality, affordability, and warranty: The perfect combination.

about KaVo CORONAflex 2005

KaVo CORONAflex 2005, the ultimate crown remover. With its unparalleled precision and efficiency, this cutting edge tool is designed to effortlessly remove dental crowns.

    • Bridge remover with powerful performance and intelligent principle.
    • Comfortable and reliable bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex.
    • KaVo CORONAflex – A huge variety of uses:
      • Failed bridge anchor requiring removal of bridge, prior to recementing
      • Extra oral repair of veneers
      • Endodontic treatment under otherwise faultless prosthesis
      • In the unlikely event of minor damage upon removal, prosthesis may be employed as a temporary, saving time and effort
        Definitive cementing of provisionally affixed restorations
      • Fracture of a bridge element
      • Correction of faulty cementing
      • Changing the veneer colour upon the patient’s request

Use of the KaVo bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex:

  • Switch off spray water feed on the unit.
  • Attach CORONAflex to the MULTIflex coupling.
  • Switch on compressed air with the foot switch; keep pressing the foot switch; the internal piston of the bridge remover CORONAflex is made ready.
  • The impact pulse is triggered manually via the triggering nozzle.
  • To enable the piston to be activated again, remove your finger from the triggering nozzle and then reapplying the finger a few moments later.
  • Warranty: available


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