MASTERtorque™ M9000 L Dental handpiece

SKU: KV0006

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Dental Turbine with Direct Stop Technology (DST)

Dental Turbine with rapid stop – for safety. The Direct Stop Technology (DST) reduces the stopping time of KaVo’s dental turbine MASTERtorque by approx. 60 % and stops in only one second. Best conditions for completely safe and relaxed work.Maximum Power. Whisper Quiet. Optimal Comfort.

  • DST, Direct Stop Technology
    • Safe, bur stops in one second
    • Hygienic, no reactive suction
  • Powerful
    • 20 % more power, approx. 31 watts
  • Whisper quiet​
    • 57 dB(A)
  • Excellent visibility in spray mode​

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MASTERtorque M9000-L Dental Handpiece, a pinnacle of dental turbine technology. Experience unmatched features:

1-Direct Stop Technology (DST): Ensures rapid stop within one second, enhancing safety and facilitating relaxed work conditions.

2- Maximum Power, Optimal Comfort: Boasting 20% more power (approx. 31 watts), this handpiece combines superior performance with whisper-quiet operation at 57 dB(A).

3- Hygienic and Efficient: With no reactive suction and excellent visibility in spray mode, it ensures a clean, efficient, and comfortable dental environment.

Elevate your dental practice with the MASTERtorque M9000-L, where cutting-edge technology meets safety, power, and unparalleled comfort.