Opal Series Cabinet Clinical Bench – OPS

Dimensions of the product:

500 W x 2000 D x 835 H


  • Sink cabinet
  • Made from 1-1.5 mm steel sheet
  • Special Design Metal Leg Painted with Electrostatic Power Paint (Ral Colors are available).
  • The Mechanism for Slow Closing
  • Iron that resists corrosion Phosphate


  • Antibacterial Plastic Drawer
  • Laminate Glass



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Product Overview:

Opal Dental Cabinets-OPS are unique storage units for dentists looking for sterilisation & Organisation in specific. Outstanding safety and organisation with Skyline for medical dental office storage.


Product Dimensions:

500 W x 2000 D x 835 H


Key Features:

  • Cabinet with Sink
  • Special Design Metal Leg
  • Ral Colors are available
  • Slow Closing Mechanism
  • Anti-rust iron Phosphate
  • 24-months warranty


Construction and Materials:

  • Made of  1-1.5mm steel sheet
  • Anti-rust iron Phosphate
  • Painted with electrostatic Powder Paint



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Opal Dental Cabinet-OPS

Opal Series Cabinet Clinical Bench – OPS

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