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Product Overview:

The new Chirana Dental Unit – Cheese Effective embodies an optimal and effective solution for dental surgery, meeting demanding requirements. It offers the flexibility of equipping up to 10 instruments, with 6 instruments at the dentist’s table and 4 at the assistant’s table. The optional modern touch control includes various useful functions and tool settings for enhanced customization.


Product Dimensions:



Key Features:

  • Optimal and effective solution for dental surgery.
  • Can be equipped with up to 10 instruments (6 at the dentist’s table, 4 at the assistant’s table).
  • Modern touch control with useful functions and tool settings.
  • Attractive design, modular concept, and advanced performance parameters.
  • Compatible with the comfortable dental chair SK1-08 or the slimmer chair SK1-01.


Construction and Materials:

  • crafted with a robust design, incorporating advanced production techniques. Its upholstery features high-quality Ferrari Stamskin leather, ensuring durability and compliance with cytotoxicity standards. Additionally, the material exhibits virucidal and antibacterial properties, contributing to a hygienic clinical environment.




The brand-new Chirana CHEESE ‘E’ffective dental unit represents an ideal and practical alternative for your oral surgery that satisfies all of your exacting needs.
Up to ten instruments can be used with the CHEESE E dental unit: six at the dentist’s table and four at the assistant’s. Modern optional touch control offers options for the dental unit and tool settings, among many other helpful features.
The most effective option for the pickiest client is the CHEESE E dental unit because of its attractive design, modular idea, and enhanced performance characteristics.

A slimline chair (SK1-01) or a comfortable dental chair (SK1-08) can be used to complete this dental equipment.





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