Scaler Handpiece HS-7H

SKU: RF2003

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The REFINR Scaler Handpiece HS-7H

  • Detachable handpiece that is compatible with SATELEC and Refine, but lacks an LED.
  • A handpiece that is autoclavable prevents cross-infection.
  •  51.5g in weight
  •  Dimensions: 111.5 x Ø19 mm

Handpiece cable
For the HS-7H handpiece variant without an LED


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Product Overview:
The REFINE Scaler Handpiece HS-7L features a detachable LED handpiece, offering improved visibility and a comfortable grip for enhanced precision during dental procedures. Compatible with Refine & SATELEC, this autoclavable handpiece prioritises hygiene, minimising the risk of cross-infection. Weighing 54.5g and measuring 111mm x Ø19mm, it provides a well-balanced and ergonomic solution for dental professionals.


Technical Features:

  • Metal Shell Detachable LED Handpiece
  • Enhanced Visibility and Comfortable Grip
  • Weight: 54.5g
  • Size: 111mm x Ø19mm


Key Features:

  • Detachable LED Handpiece
  • Enhanced Visibility and Comfortable Grip
  • Compatibility: Refine & SATELEC
  • Autoclavable for Cross-Infection Prevention

(Note: Handpiece cable available separately for the LED model HS-7L)