Aidite A-IS Pro Digital Scanner

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  • focused on precise dental 3D scanning.
  • One-click scanning capabilities for efficient and thorough data collection.
  • Scan textures for details in true color.
  • flexible use of different articulators.
  • 30% faster upper-lower jaw texture scan time.
  • The dedication of AIDITE to providing dental labs with the best digital scanning technology.

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Product Overview:

The Aidite A-IS PRO Digital Scanner is a cutting-edge dental lab solution by AIDITE, specializing in Dental 3D scanning for precision and efficiency. With its one-click scan feature, it effortlessly captures all necessary data. The scanner excels in texture scanning, providing true-color details, and it seamlessly handles a variety of articulators. Experience a 30% faster scan time for upper-lower jaw texture, making it a time-efficient and reliable choice for dental professionals.

Key Features:

  • Specialized in Dental 3D Scanning for accuracy.
  • One-click scan functionality for quick and comprehensive data capture.
  • Texture scanning for true-color details.
  • Versatile handling of various articulators.
  • 30% faster scan time for upper-lower jaw texture.
  • AIDITE’s commitment to excellence in digital scanning technology for dental labs.

Brand Aidite