SONICflex Scaler Tips- Dental handpiece

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Elevate dental care with SonicFlex Scaler Tips Handpiece. Versatile tips for precise calculus removal. Pediatric-friendly No. 6, subgingival scaling No. 7. Optimal hygiene, superior performance

A variety of tips for tenacious calculus removal, Clean shallow pockets tips for effective and gentle calculus removal, hygiene.

Scaler Tip No. 6
For pedo use and areas of difficult access

Scaler Tip No. 7
For subgingival scaling


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SonicFlex Scaler Tips Dental Handpiece, an advanced tool designed for effective and gentle calculus removal, ensuring optimal hygiene and oral health. Explore its key features:

1- Versatile Tips: A variety of tips cater to tenacious calculus removal, while specialized clean shallow pockets tips ensure thorough and gentle hygiene maintenance.

2- Scaler Tip No. 6 – Pediatric Precision: Specifically crafted for pediatric use and areas with challenging access, ensuring precision and comfort during treatment.

3- Scaler Tip No. 7 – Subgingival Scaling: Tailored for subgingival scaling, this tip excels in reaching beneath the gum line, promoting thorough cleaning and periodontal health.

4- Efficient Calculus Removal: The SonicFlex Scaler Tips excel in efficient calculus removal, offering a reliable solution for dental practitioners striving for optimal patient care.

5- Enhanced Hygiene: The design emphasizes effective calculus removal while maintaining a focus on hygiene, ensuring a comprehensive and comfortable patient experience.

Brand Kavo